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Today’s sportsbook gambler demands more sophistication than a paper betting ticket. BTT offers a platform that equips your customers with innovative tools for managing tickets and making fantasy wagers, tools that connect them to an exciting way to handicap games and increase the reach of your sportsbook. These tools can deliver a new dimension of entertainment for your customers along with tangible revenue growth for your sportsbook.
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The sportsbook play hasn’t changed much since the first betting ticket was issued at Turf Club in 1949: when customers placed a wager, got a ticket and waited for the end to the game. Over the years technology has made it easier and more entertaining for sportsbook gamblers but now they want more. Today’s customers want to know how their wagers are performing before, during and after the contest is over and they don’t want to be tied to a physical sportsbook to get that information. BTT offers a platform for your customers to enjoy the thrill of a sports wagering on and off the casino property.
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By integrating BTT into your sportsbook, you can provide a suite of tools and features enabling your customers to track and analyze real wagers or simply test their philosophy using real odds and live sports scoring. The real fun and profits come when your customers are ready to take the next step into fantasy wagering.

Let’s face it, not every ticket wins, sometimes you've lost before the game has even begun. An injured QB, bad weather in the Gulf of Mexico, team drama, a star player returns unexpectedly…they all have an effect on the game and often happen after the wager is made. When the betting slip hits the bottom of the trash can before the event starts, it’s a lost opportunity for you and your customer.

With BTT you offer your customers a unique take on sports book wagers, one that allows them to handicap their existing wagers as well as make new ones based on pre-game information and speculation. The excitement gets multiplied and your sportsbook’s potential for incremental revenue does too.